Have Fun with Fort Lauderdale Party Boat Rental

Need something fun to do in Fort Lauderdale? Try cruising along the intracoastal waterways by night! Let a Fort Lauderdale party boat rental take you and your favorite people out on a fun night on the water.


Whether you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or just simply have some fun with friends, you can always choose to rent a party boat to cater to only you and your friends, colleagues, or family. It is such a unique, beautiful, and fun experience that everyone should try. We want you to experience the fun as well. So here’s what you need to do:

fort lauderdale party boat rental

Book the Right Party Boat Rental in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is full of fun and excitement, but if you want to escape the crowded city, you can always hire a party boat rental for fun or a serene night – whichever floats your boat. But make sure to choose the right party boat as some boat rentals are not fully equipped to handle boat parties. Some are not licensed and the operator is not even USCG-certified. If you don’t want to worry later on and spoil your night of fun, ensure to book only with a boat rental that is experienced in handling boat parties, is licensed, and is operated by a USCG-certified captain.

Bring Your Drinks and Food

Drinks and food can be a lot of fun on a party boat rental. The benefit of renting your own party boat is that you get to bring in your own drinks and food, rather than relying on their limited drinks and snacks. Beer, soda, juice boxes, and pastries will probably seem like child’s play compared to the outdoor concession stands and price gouging. So just bring your own drinks and food so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself with your favorite people.

Play Some Music On

You can’t have an awesome time on a party boat if you don’t have some tunes. Music is key when it comes to having a good time on the water. Some people like to listen to different kinds of music but most of them enjoy good music. In Fort Lauderdale, that means either classic rock or hip hop. Fortunately, you can bring your own speaker or even your own DJ, whichever you prefer, so you can have great music and just dance the night away.

Enjoy the Waters

Fort Lauderdale party boat rental is the perfect way to enjoy a fun or relaxed evening. Whether you are looking to party like you’re at a rave or just plan on having some down time sitting back and relaxing, the control is in your hands. But just look at the sparkling waters, the moon reflecting off them, and the beautiful weather, you will really feel like you are on vacation, but without leaving your city. You can even take a dip if you like and just swim all your worries away.

Have Fun with Fort Lauderdale Party Boat Rental!

Boat Party Fort Lauderdale is experienced in handling boat parties. We even have the best USCG-licensed captains that can fit you and your group’s vibe so as not to spoil your night. We want you to enjoy the city night views and the sparkling water under the moon worry-free. Just have fun with your favorite people and let us take care of the rest. So book with us now!