Booze Cruise Fort Lauderdale

Enjoy a pontoon boat ride with the Booze Cruise Party Boat Rental. The Booze Cruise Fort Lauderdale is a party boat ride where our passengers get to enjoy music and eat great food while sipping down on their favorite drinks. The ride will include bar hopping across the Fort Lauderdale waterways, and can be customized to the bars you want to stop at! Want to party in the water? We can also lay anchor at the sandbar and go for a swim as well. Have your next party with us!

Boozin' & Cruisin'

The Booze Cruise Fort Lauderdale is a BYOB experience. Our boat provides a cooler, ice, and drinking water for your voyage. For passengers looking to take a dip, we also provide noodles and floats to enjoy your drinks while swimming in comfort! We’re looking to give our passengers the freedom of choice and fully make the experience unique to them. We’re happy to serve our passengers and give them the opportunity to plan their voyage ahead of the trip, and we’re happy to steer you in the right direction. Our services can be booked at any time of the day, and we allow up to 10 passengers.

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The Bar Hop

Looking to bar hop? Luckily Fort Lauderdale has no shortage of bars on the intercoastal to stop and party at. What we love about Fort Lauderdale is that some of the best bars and restaurants are clustered together to make bar hopping easy and safe, so travel time does not eat up most of the adventure. The bars we recommend all serve food, so if you’re interested in making a food stop we can accommodate it. Here’s a list of some of our favorite bars on the intercoastal that would make for perfect destinations on your booze cruise.

wharf ftl
Wharf Fort Lauderdale
The Downtowner
15th St Fisheries
Pirate Republic
Southport Raw Bar
Southport Raw Bar
Boathouse riverside
Boathouse Riverside

Booze Cruise Fort Lauderdale

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