The Boat for a Bachelorette Party Fort Lauderdale

Our pontoon boats offer the perfect bachelorette party experience on the Fort Lauderdale intracoastal.  Our fully customizable trips allow you and your group to make the day as fun-filled as you want!  Enjoy an amazing time with us as we provide beautiful views of the Fort Lauderdale waterways venturing through Millionaires Row and the Venice of Americas while listening to your favorite songs, and eating your favorite foods and drinks.  We will make sure to accommodate any wishes during your special bachelorette party boat day on the water.

The Boat Party the Bride Will Never Forget

Ladies, what better way to sail off your favorite soon to be brides with an exciting boat party! Our bachelorette parties are filled with entertainment of all kinds, and one of our options is creativity! The most memorable events are the one that are custom tailored to the person being celebrated. Our team will work with you on whatever creative and fun ideas you would like to bring on your adventure.

Whether you’re sipping on mimosas or her favorite drink is an ice cold beer, we have a cooler on board for you to pack her favorite drinks! The Bachelorette Party Fort Lauderdale is BYOB so remember to bring enough of your favorite drinks before coming on board.

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Top Ideas For Your Bachelorette Party in Fort Lauderdale:

The details are what make your party stand out and help you make the experience as special for her as possible. We’ve seen plenty of different parties and women from across the country come here for their special bride to be. If you’re coming to us, we thought we’d give you a head start on your planning process and throw some ideas we’ve seen come our way. We love creativity!

Call now and speak with one of our Party Boat Team Members to plan your unforgettable bachelorette party

  1. Matching Bikinis! – As bridesmaids you are going to all match so why not start now? Take the perfect photo on our bachelorette boat cruise. We have a ton of Boutiques in Fort Lauderdale to shop at. 
  2. Fun Gift Gags – Have you ever seen a Face Straw cutout? Fun and silly things to make your boat ride a blast. A face straw is a small cut out of the bride’s face on colorful straws! It makes for a cute keepsake. Photo booth Props? Bridesmaid theme props you can order online, an example in the picture below!
  3. Colorful Shot Cups – For Shots!
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Lovely Maid of Honors

Hear it from the lovely and beautiful Maids of Honor that helped organize and plan their excursions with us, they really took their time to evaluate what options were right for their party, and they definitely partied! We’d like to thank them for leaving a review by showcasing the experience they had, and we look forward to having them along for another ride!

“This company was used for part of a bachelorette weekend in Fort Lauderdale and I loved the experience!!! Prices were super accommodating, the boat was nice and clean, and we had control over the music through bluetooth. The captain (Carlos) was super kind and quiet, letting us girls party and do our own thing. It was super nice when we were cruising through the intercoastal, he told us about some of the mansions we passed by such as who owned them and fun facts. I loved the experience and would book with them again in the future!”
Isabel M.
Certified Maid of Honor
“What an amazing time! We rented a boat for a bachelorette party with Alex as our captain and had a great time. John and Alex were very responsive and made sure we had the experience we were looking for!
Erin P.
Certified Brides Maid

Bachelorette Party Boat Tour

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